The Curvy Consultant: Where Confidence, Class and Curves Collide

Vision Statement

The vision for Chanelle Renée is to be globally recognized as the authority for Curvy Women and Fashion.

Mission Statement

The Curvy Consultant’s mission is to be the ‘go-to’ resource for women who struggle with styling their curves. My goal is to provide women with tools to develop their sense of style & heighten their confidence. Empowering them to present their best to the world; while loving the woman in the mirror!


At an early age, Chanelle Renée developed a love for fashion & style. From designing custom jewelry to remixing clothes and shoes for herself & others. This Philly native’s GOT IT! She credits her self-confidence, self-love & freedom of expression to her first fashion icons, her Mother and Grandmother. Both Curvy women who knew how to command a room & wear a hat!

Today, Chanelle Renée “The Curvy Consultant” resides in Miami, Florida. She’s a lover of all things girlie, sparkly & cute. She’s mastered the art of mixing high-end pieces with moderately priced brands and throwing in a hint of vintage to create a masterpiece. The Curvy Consultant was birthed to help women LOVE + EMBRACE their unique curves; because no two curves are the same.

Chanelle Renée strongly believes we’ve been sculpted by The Master and we are fearfully and wonderfully made! “The goal is to transform women from the inside out, by helping them discover what makes them feel good about themselves.  When you look good … you feel good!”